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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Texture and Sculpture Tuesday

I found this quote on Belinda DelPesco's blog.  And yep, I got all those voices going on in my head when I look at one of my pieces in progress.  Did you think the artist who created the sculptures below had the critics in her/his head?

Art Quote
To keep his errors down to a minimum, the internal Censor to whom a poet submits his work in progress should be a Censorate. It should include, for instance, a sensitive only child, a practical housewife, a logician, a monk, an irreverent buffoon and even, perhaps, hated by all the others and returning their dislike, a brutal, foul-mouthed drill sergeant who considers all poetry rubbish. ~W. H. Auden
Okay, and now for the sculpture.  When we were in Auburn NY (I think that is where we were) we saw these fabulous sculptures in someone's vegetable garden.


  1. Love the sculptures! And thanks for the Auden quote. I hadn't seen it before and it's very true. I think I need more of the drill sergeant! I can be too nice to myself....


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