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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lino Cut

Here is the first lino cut that I have finished for class. It is a study in positive and negative space.  I have tried to coordinate the designs on the edges so that the print can be repeated  above, below, and beside with a continuous flow of the currents throughout.

I will print it tonight on paper to proof it. Then (if it looks good) I will print it tomorrow on some hand dyed fabric.  If it looks really good (and I am ambitious) I will mask it and print the current in one color and then the fish in different colors. Whatever I do, I'll show you (unless it is an absolute disaster!)

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  1. I absolutely love this lino print -- how big is it? I've bought some small lino pieces from dickblick as my first attempts, I think 4x6", but this one you've made looks huge in comparison!


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