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Saturday, March 20, 2010

ATC Take Home from Shanghai Series

I have finished 8 ATCs using my leftover hand dyed silk from Dinner in Shanghai.  I had already named the series, Take Home From Shanghai, since it is  piece of silk from my Dinner in Shanghai that folks could have in their home.  Not real creative.  Anway, if I had not aleady named it I would have named it Layers.

As I am finishing the series I have been thinking about a blog I read about working in a series (was it yours? I tried to find it but can't). The point made in the blog is that we rarely get something right the first time.  We get better when we work and re-work an idea.  The blogger also said that often we have more than one thing to say about a concept and it is better to stick to a single concept in an art work.  Jude has made some similar comments about the benefits of working in a series as she was exploring squares. (Please forgive me if I am not quoting exactly but those are some points that I took away.)

So, with this series I worked with layers.  It was fun to see what beads, gold braid, stenciling, fringe, and stitching looked like when on top of, between, or under a see-through piece of fabric.  See what I mean with these 5 cards?  Oh, and by the way, I am willing to trade them.


  1. It may be Elizabeth Barton you're thinking of for the series attributions. She made similar good points. I'm working on a series of 100 quilts of a lake scene from the same point of view. Each one has a different mood or feel ... just like the changes that happen from moment to moment, time of day, or day to day on any body of water.

    Your mini series of ATC's are delightful. I'd like to trade with you. A little bit of lake for "Shanghai Take Out"?

  2. Wow, Judith. These are stunning and I'm now the lucky owner of one of them.


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