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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hand dyed embroidery thread and another Goodwill Find

Here are 5 of the about 12 bundles (what is the right word??) of yarn I dyed in my dark gradations.  It is lovely.  I am already using several of them in my quilt for Interpret This!

This is an ice cube tray found at Goodwill that is going to be used to make soy wax blocks for rubbings.  Won't that be fun!


  1. I love the embroidery thread. Did you overdye some you had or can you buy some that is ready to dye? Ooooo, soy wax rubbings...that sounds so interesting. I've never done that either. Maybe that could be something we could do for a playday.

  2. They are called skeins and they are fabulous!!

  3. Nice example of silky thread......i like the embroidery with the beautiful thread....

  4. What a cool ice cube tray! That's really weird. :)Bea


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