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Monday, November 1, 2010

Scratch-a-Print and Roses

Remember the fabric I printed with rose leaves?  The prints themselves were very faint and the color of the fabric itself was a very light delicate mottled yellow-green.  I have now used Scratch-a-Print to add some metallic gold and metallic sea green rose leaves to the fabric.  The result is very light and delicate.  Not my type of fabric at all.  And I really like it!

This was my first time to use the Scratch-a-Print product.  I bought it a couple of months ago and just hadn't had the time to play.

Here are the good things about it: 
  1. Easy to make the lines
  2. I made maybe 50 prints and it held up well.  In fact, I washed it out and have stored it away for another try later. 
Here are the iffy things about it: 
  1. I had difficulty getting a full print every time given the way you have to sponge the screen; 
  2. The screen was smaller than expected but certainly not smaller than the thermofax screens I have;
  3. The lines on the screen opened wider with use so the first prints and the last prints are decidedly different if you are really checking them out.  I don't think a casual observer would notice. However, it certainly is an indication that the screen should not be considered a permanent screen like thermofax screens are.
  4. Since the frame for the screen was posterboard type stuff, I covered it with duct tape to make it more washable and durable.  Don't know if that was necessary or not but seemed like a good idea.
Here are the things I really disliked about it:
  1. The screen bubbled up with use.  I think that made it really difficult to get a perfect print.  However that would not keep me from using the product again.
One last picture of the fabric.

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  1. ...not my kind of fabric either, but I really like it too! I have never heard of Scratch-a-Print. Where do you get it? Did you use thickened dye or fiber paint with it? Do you "pull" color through it like a screen print? I tried the rose leaves (and other leaves and flowers) dyeing. Mine turned out like yours...very faint. You've given me some possible ways to improve it, though.


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