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Monday, November 1, 2010

"And Then We Set It On Fire"

I think that will be the name of a new blog dedicated to mastering different surface design techniques. That is the motto that Rosalita and Beth have for their play dates.  In other words, anything goes in their experiments for surface design.  First they dye, overdye, paint, stitch, glue resist, paint again, flour resist, dye again, silk screen, stamp, thermafax, bejewel, stretch, shrink, sprinkle, Smooch, and fuse, then they set it on fire using a variety of heat tools.  Magnificent!

Here is the format I have in mind for 10-12 creative folks who like to play:

1.  Every month there will be a technique we will all try together and report our results.

2.  We'll take turns choosing the technique for the month.  If it is my month to choose then I will give as much direction as possible or tell you where the directions can be found.

3.  Participants may follow the directions given or, if they have their own preferred method of the technique, they may use it and explain their method.

4.  Participants will post 2-3 times per month showing their process. Posts don't have to be long and can be scheduled in advance.

5. Finished products are not required but would be nice occasionally to show what can be done with that gorgeous fabric just made.  Posts can also include failures, mistakes, and comments like "I will never do this

6.  Followers will be encouraged to try the techniques and send us links to their results.

Beginning date is projected to be Jan 2011.


  1. I think I LOVE the name of the blog for this experiment. I think I would love to try it out and have some fun. :)Bea

  2. what a wonderful idea!! Wishing I had time for both participating and playing! But I WILL be watching! :)

  3. This sounds lots of fun and I hope I can play alongside, I don't think I would be able to commit to posting but good luck with the new blog. :)


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