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Monday, March 8, 2010


The weekend was wonderful!  I made lots of progress in several projects. 

The "Mountain Man" shirt I am making for my son-in-law is done except for the cuffs.  I want to check the length of the sleeves before I put the cuff on.  The shirt is a traditional early 1800's pattern and much of the work is done by hand.  He would have loved for all of it to be done by hand but then he wasn't the one investing the time to sew it. So, the seams that don't show are done on the machine. Sue me.

I dyed my silk the second color and it is drying now.  I am not thrilled with the batik. I had a lot of trouble finding the right temperature for the wax.  I think I need MUCH more practice before relying on that technique for good result.  I will consider if I want to use that or another resist method before the next dyeing.


I also made progress on my ATC swap project.  This was the first time I have printed fabric on my ink jet.  I am quite pleased with the results and will consider doing more of it in the future. The theme for the swap is "from the garage."  That made me think of recycling so, yes, what looks like a bunch of trash to recycle is really the fabric.

I got the envelopes cut for the cards.  They were circulars and flyers I would generally recycle. Think- reduce, reuse, recycle.   I don't think I will form the envelopes before I have the cards made--I would hate for the envelopes to be too small! 

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