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Friday, March 12, 2010

Recycle Series ATC

I have finished my 8 ATCs for the March Swap.  The theme was "from the garage."  That made me think of recycling so this is the Recycle Series.

First I gathered several circulars, ads, and other junk mail, scanned them on the copier, and printed it on fabric.  This is a picture of one of the fabric sheets.

Second, had fun with the fabric.  I placed the fabric in a rusty cookie sheet and placed other rusted pieces of metal on them along with a bit of water and vinegar.  I wanted that "thrown in the trash" look. 

Next I stitched different colors of thread and pieces of plastic zip-lock bags such as frozen food and rice comes in.  When I fused the fabric onto the Peltex, the plastic melted into the fabric in delicious ways.

Now I started embellishing the cards with stars made from soda cans, glass beads, and plastic triangles with the #1 carved in them (representing three major materials that can be recycled.

I finished the ATCs with enclosing them in an envelope I made from more circulars and ads. 

 For a first effort, I think it is not bad.


  1. What Fun! Thanks for sharing your adventure in making these delightful small pieces that have BIG impact. What happens to that thin plastic combined with heat and fabric is an adventure in itself.

  2. A very clever way to recycle!!


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