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Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Favorites

 Oh, sometimes there are so many other blogs that are fabulous reads that I just have to share.  Here are my favorites for this Friday.

Louis Jarvis teaches you how to do a rust image transfer. I have done the regular rust dyeing where you just get rusty cloth rather than a specific image.  That is nice but sometimes you really want the imprint of the object.   I am going to try this tonight!  During vacation I went antiquing and bought some old rusty hinges that I think will transfer well.  I will let you know how it goes!

The Feisty Stitch has a short blog on the creative process.  Since I love being creative, but am often intimidated by getting started, I loved the quote  from  Twyla Tharp and Mary's experience using the quote to change her creative process.  I think I will have to read Twyla's book too.  I could use some discipline to get to where I want to be in my creative process.

Hippiewear , who proudly claims to be stuck in the 60s, is happy to show us how to do some of her tie-dyes.   If you follow the link you have till August 8 to vote on the dyeing technique for her next video tutorial.  I love the one she did on rope wrap shibori.  I have a very thick piece of rope I scavenged off the beach I think I will use to try the technique.

Elizabeth Barton shares her basic MX dyes.  I love this article and will check out my dye stock.  You know, there are thousands of colors out there but I figure I don't need to buy them all--I can mix them.  But then, there is the secret to which of the zillion of yellows is a good yellow to start with...and blue....and red.   Elizabeth shares her choice of 5 colors for a starter set.

Quilter Beth has been doing some monoprinting.  The next playdate with Beth and Rosalita will feature some monoprinting so I was excited to read Quilter Beth's process.  I was most interested in the comments about layers and tools she used.  I guess it takes more than one layer or tool to turn out really interesting fabric.

Judi Hurwitt at Approachable Art has a post about her first experience with thermafax silkscreens.  I have only gotten to play with Beth's screens at our last playdate but plan to create some of my own.  Judi had great results with her first experiments and gives some tips to those of us just beginning.

Woooo Hooooo!  Something for Free!  Watch a free show of  The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims  featuring Lara and Kerby, authors of Secrets of Digital Quilting—From Camera to Quilt.  I really love the way they incorporate photography in their quilts.  I mean it is not just a straight-out picture printed on fabric and hung up.  Take a look at their stuff and see what you think.

While on vacation I picked up many flat stones on the beach at Lake Erie.  I love them because you can see the different layers of the stone worn through by the rentless wash of the water.  I have been wondering how to incorporate them in a wall hanging when I found this video that shows how to wire wrap a  cabochon.  I have most of the tools needed and I think the technique would work really well with the stone.  I'll be giving it a try and you'll get to see the results (if it is not too big of a mess!  LOL)

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I did!  I learned a lot and have a lot to practice!


  1. I've done that rust printing technique, but used vinegar & water sprayed on the object instead of salt & water. Can't remember the exact ratio of each, but it worked pretty well, too.

  2. My friend Robin and I ordered lots of paint and extender from ProChem and will be playing with some more mono printing on Monday. It is so much fun. I just can't wait to try some more. I love writing on fabric, so I definitely will be trying some writing on the fabric in the early layers. Have fun when you get to play. I LOVE the no-rules approach.

  3. What a great idea for a post!! I love checking out the best of the best for the week! thanks!!


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