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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trees in Ohio

While in Columbus OH visiting grandkids we visited a field of cement corn statues.  I won't argue the art-worthiness of the pieces but they do  represent the history of corn in that location.  Beside the "corn" field, there was a stand of Osage Orange trees planted to illustrate their history.  Ahhh....now there was beauty!
 I have become enraptured with trees. I love the different textures of the bark.  I love the different shapes the trunks take and the different ways the branches and leaves grow.  These trees have a very textured bark, and their trunks and branches remind me of snakes in their shape.   I plan to turn these pictures into quilts of hand dyed fabric with dark lino prints of the trees laid over.  I hope I can get the essence of the trees in the quilts.


  1. Lovely trees. I'm looking forward to seeing how your fabric turns out.

  2. Oh, we are kindred souls. I've been taking pictures of trees for the past three years now. I love their shapes, their presence and their barks.
    I'm not quite sure why I am so driven to take so many pictures of certain ones but it's as if they were old friends, you know? :)Bea


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