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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Walk on the Beach

 Another piece for the Mile of Art.  None of the pieces are ART but hopefully they are interesting.   I like  pieces that have at least three visual layers. Three layers give you something to look at from far, mid-range, and close.  "Walk on the Beach"  has the quilting with various shades of brown embroidery floss, the discharging after the quilting, and the feathers I picked up at Lake Erie Beach. From far you see the feathers for which the piece is named. Then you come closer and see the variation of the discharge colors.  Lastly  it draws you in with the quilting that is less visible in person than in the picture.  Having the repeat of the natural feathers in the driftwood hanger I think also emphasizes the feel of the walk on a beach.  Does it make you feel sand in your toes and smell the water?


  1. Excellent piece and I disagree, it is ART. :)Bea

  2. I like it- and agree with your preference for multiple visual layers. So much more interesting!

  3. I am totally feeling it. And who's to say it is not art?


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