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Monday, February 7, 2011

An email from Judy Sall or Tie Dye Judy

Tie Dye Judy  sent me the following email with some photos too luscious not to share.

"I took a Surface Design class back in 2007 from Melly Testa when she lived here in Flagstaff... blew me away!  And that was the beginning of my adventures with soy wax batik among other techniques!
The photos are 1) a whole cloth art quilt where I pre-dyed fabric with oranges and yellows, traced on the leaf patterns, painted on the wax, then overdyed with browns;

2 and 3) fabric that was pre-soaked with soda ash solution, then dried; then I stamped with wax using various implements; finally, I applied procion mx dyes using a foam brush.  The fabrics were later used by a friend to create various products such as eyeglass cases, tissue covers, etc."


  1. These are VERY nice. I LOVE the leaves...my colors.

  2. Those are some beautiful pieces of fabric with the leaves my favorite. It's hard to believe someone created that at home.


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