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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Erosion Bundle

Today we got over a foot of snow.  My work was closed so I took advantage of the extra time to make my erosion bundle. 

I rolled up cherries and iron in lace and an old yellow sheet. 

Bound it with strips of cloth.

Cooked it in my designated dye pot with some alum. 

Allowed to cool.  

Placed it 7 ft in the air at the top one of my metal sculpture.  There it will stay till I get impatient.


  1. Hmmm, rust and cherries - a winning combination!

  2. How exciting, I wouldn't be able to leave it outside long enough for anything really "good" to happen. About how long does it have to stay out there, months?

  3. Yours sounds super interesting. Way to cook it before too! Never would have thought of it.

  4. Sometime this spring I hope we will get to see the results!

  5. See? This is what I was talking about Judith. You think outside the box and come up with very creative art. Cherries and iron - no one else would have thought f that!

  6. Ooooooooooooooh, that should be very pretty when done.

  7. this is a really cool project - all the erosive possibilities - what colors will it acquire? what patterns? how long before you can't take the anticipation.

  8. have you unwrapped it yet ? I'd love to know what results you got..this is such a cool project . I have only just discovered it..must have a go next spring....might not be ablw to wait that lopng...LOL


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