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Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Favorites

Drawing Class Update:
We have started talking about value.  Our exercise was to copy a Japanese wood block print in our sketchbook.  Here is mine.

Our bigger assignment is to make a large original drawing inspired by the Japanese wood block.  Mine is not done yet--it is a multi-week project-- but here is what I have started.  Maybe I should enter it into the sketchbook challenge under the theme of Opposites. The first duck is calmly sitting on a wood plank by the edge of the ocean with a moon and palm fronds in the background.  My drawing has a bird in terrified flight from menacing claws (inspired by the palm fronds) in front of a moon. Kinda opposite, wouldn't you say?

As I keep telling you but have yet put into practice, I am taking the drawing class to increase my skills for surface design.  While it is not fabric and the tools used will differ, I figure most of the lessons on line, value, positive and negative space, composition, balance, etc. will translate well.  Elizabeth Barton is also taking an art class (not having to do with fiber) and is also trying to make some translation in her work.  It is all how about to get from here to there.

Friday Favorites:Vicki Welsh at Field Trips in Fiber is offering raffle tickets for her quilt guild's quilt--it is not bad looking--and then she is offering a drawing for hand dyed fabric for anyone buying a ticket from her.  Her hand dyes are fabulous!  Here is the link for more information. Dead line is March 15th.

Art of Day is sponsoring an exhibit of art from Deborah Lacativa.  Oh, I adore her stuff!  I just want to breathe it in.  Let the creativity fill my lungs.  Let the blood circulate it till every part of me tingles with the electricity of it.  Yea, it is that good.  And then it is worth reading her artist statement too.  I have been working on mine and I find hers a good model. She has some bundles of her hand dyes that are good for hand stitching for sale here.

Lynn Krawczyk  has posted two YouTube tutorials on screen printing with thermofax screens.  That is almost 20 minutes of free teaching by Lynn.  Thank you, Lynn!

I have saved direction after direction for making my own books.  New books out of old books, egg cartons, and empty thread spools.  I have techniques for folding, cutting, dicing, sewing, and gessoing over written pages.  I have yet to make a book.  But here is another book I will save the tutorial on how to make.  It is a butter box book. And Melanie tells us how she is going to use her's.  You go, girl, but before you grow your hair back, please consider this option.  I think you could make it work!

I keep trying to think of a tagline to use to close my Friday Favorites.  So far I have only thought of trite phrases, nothing that feels like me.  Any suggestions?


  1. Judith, Barbra told me about your work and blog. I'm just now getting the time to contact you. Your piece that was donated to the Hunger Project immediately caught my eye for its simplicity and translucency. I'm on campus Tues. and Thurs. if you'd like to get together. My blog is laurie-brooks.blogspot.com. I can also be emailed at lauriebrooksart@gmail.com

  2. Judith, I'm enjoying your growth as an artist, it's fascinating to watch from afar. No catchy phrase for your Friday Favorites, but I do look forward to reading them every week! I'm kind of nervous about the March project, I don't sit down too much and just draw things.


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