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Monday, February 14, 2011

Someone likes my blog!

Cathy Tomm has presented me with the Liebster Blog Award.  Cathy even asked me if I would accept it before she gifted me with it. That was an extra nice touch.  Since I don't turn down any positive recognition I can get, I said "YES!"  and am displaying it proudly.

And I am happy to get it. Don't get me wrong.  I am glad that Cathy  has visited my blog and likes it.  I am also glad that Cathy's blog was one of three blogs who received it from Lisa at Scraps of Life who was one of three blogs that received it from Mary-Frances of Outside the Line who was one of three blogs who received it from Anne of Seize the Day Quilting who was one of three blogs who received it from Sharon of Camp Gramma all within the 14 days of February.  (Sharon got hers on January 30).  So, if I have my math correct and assuming that the other winners are also giving the award at the same speed and to three recipients, I am one of 3 to the 5th power or 243 blogs in this particular chain that have received this award in the first half of February this year.

I tried to do some history to find out how long the award has existed and who Liebster is that presumably started it or for whom it was named.  Google couldn't tell me much other than listing lots of other blogs who have also received it this year.  Lots of other blogs.  Lots and LOTS of other blogs.  Anne of Seize the Day Quilting managed to trace the award to Germany which I can believe since many of the recipients are in Europe and the UK. But there the track went cold so I don't know if there is a distinguished person or time or place or event that is associated with the award. 
My chain is all from quilters but as I have looked up other blogs from Google who have received it, they are from lots of different types of categories. I was gonna tell you some examples but, Honey, there are a few really weird ones that I could not describe.  You will just have to look them up yourself.

Apparently there are only 2 requirement for receiving the award.  The first is that someone who read your blog liked it.  For me it means that Cathy likes my blog.  The second is that you have less than 300 readers for your blog.  It has been interesting as I have looked at other recipients at how they phrase that: "Unknown blogs," "unknown, good blogs," "small blogs," and my personal favorite "talented beginners."

Okay, so the award is not very exclusive. It does not come with money, a banquet, or a shiny object to place on a mantle. The history of it is unknown and the association with fame is...well...doubtful.  It does not mean you stand out in any particular category but does require that not many people know you exist.  Does it mean nothing then? 

I guess we each have to answer that question for ourselves. For me it means that Cathy (who I don't personally know) from Leduc, Alberta, Canada (a place I have never been) likes my blog, said so without my having to prompt her or pay her or nothin',and is not ashamed to say so on her blog (for under 300 people)  to read.   It makes me feel good. 

Am I gonna pass it along?  You bet!


  1. Congratulations! It is an honor to be sought out and bestowed upon. What you figured out, and found out about, through tracing the path of this award is a hoot.

  2. Congrats, it's nice to get recognized.

  3. How wonderful. You certainly deserve it.

  4. Congrats on the award and I found the history very interesting. I vowed to be a more active blogger this year. I posted a give a way a few days ago but how do I get the word out. It is not big but just to share. Any tips on blogging my ears are open. blessings~barb


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