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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday and NO Favorites

I am sure there are wonderful blog posts out there that I have missed this week.  I will have to try and see them next week. This week I have been too busy to spend much time looking.  Have I told you that I am dieting?  Perhaps not.  It is embarrassing to admit that I need to lose weight.  But I do and I have been.  I have now lost 11 lbs with still too much more to admit to lose. Anyway, this is related to no Friday Favorites because 1) I have been cooking diet food, 2) I have been exercising, and 3) with all my new found energy,  I have been sewing. Those three mean I have less time for perusing the world wide quilting web.  Please be sure to let me know if I miss something really important.

What have I been sewing you ask?  I am so glad you asked.  Here are some pictures of my Nancy Crow Barn scraps.  Here are some blocks.

 And here are some blocks sewn together waiting to get quilted and embellished.

(Ignore my toes)

And here are some pictures of my 6  brocade napkins that I first screen printed with weeds and then tried to eco print.  Didn't turn out as well as I wanted but I will try again.
 I do like the coloring on this one.  I think it got the red from the Japanese Maple.

And here are some pictures of my marbled fabric (well, actually this particular one is from Rosalita) with some embroidery on it. Still lots to do with it before it is finished. Penny Berens has inspired me to create holes.
Can you tell that the stitching is very 3-D?  And the yellow is holes in the fabric showing the cutting board behind.  I will fill them with stuff.  Not ready to do that yet.

And here is a picture of my stitched flower inspired by these photos.  It is not finished yet either but coming along nicely.

See why I didn't have time to browse this week?


  1. Love the improv work with crow barn fabrics and I really love the stitching on the marbled piece. Yes, Penny Berens is my hero too!! Your flower is coming along nicely. My portrait has come to a halt because nights, when I work on it, are just too hot. I expect progress starting Sunday. On the diet front, your toes look very slim!

  2. Nice show and tell!

    Love those works with the small pieces stitched into place.

  3. You had a wonderfully productive week! And you lost 11 lbs, too! I love the Nancy Crow influenced piece, and also the marbled piece you're working on. The colors in both really work well. I've been very productive this week, too, spending lots of time quilting some pieces that have been UFOs for way too long!

  4. Losing weight is such a bear -- congrats on the 11 pounds! You've been very busy -- I love the crow stuff and that thistle is really nice!


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