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Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Favorites

It has happened again.  Blogger has eaten my finished Friday Favorites.  At least this time I think I know what happened. 

Each week I begin my Friday Favorites on the Friday before they are posted.  During the week as I read the great blogs, I copy and paste the URL's  in the draft  post. Then on Wednesday and Thursday I start to write  my post.  That is what I did this afternoon.  Blog all written and scheduled to be posted early Friday morning! Yep, right up until I found another open window with the  draft post in it.  When I closed the draft, it erased the scheduled finished post.  OUCH!!

So, here is my list of favorites but no write-up this week.  Sorry--too disgusted to rewrite.




  1. I missed your comments but I feel your pain. I accidentally deleted a 13 page paper I wrote for a college class. Thank God for auto-save in Word now.
    I read hot textiles a few days ago and went out to get drumstick cones so I could use the wrappers. I like the rolling stamp Tute and of course I absolutely worship Penny and her needlework. She is my role model. See ya tomorrow.

  2. Very cool stuff -- I love the rolling stamps. Thanks for the links.

    I also feel your pain -- I used to do posts ahead of time thinking I was oh-so-cool to think of it. Ha! After watching all my hard work disappear, no longer am I so cool. I once erased a 5 page literary analysis by accident. Again, I was working ahead, so it wasn't a big deal as far as the due date went, but oh man, I was furious that I had to rewrite the whole thing! Sheesh! And I used to tell my clients that the 11th commandment was "Thou shall back up."


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