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Friday, July 29, 2011

More about fabric beads

 Here are my dried fabric beads after I slid them off the straws.  Won't they look great when I sew them on my Nancy Crow Barn Blocks?  Carol Esch asked me how to make the fabric beads.  Sorry, it is so easy that I didn't think to give any explanation. 

Okay, first Supplies: You only need:
  • small scraps of fabric, 
  • white glue mixed 50-50 with water, 
  • a paint brush to apply the glue, and 
  • a round shape like a knitting needle or straw to wrap the fabric around.
Second, here are the complicated steps:
  1. Take a small scrap of fabric.
  2. Paint the scrap with the glue/water.
  3. Wrap the fabric around the shape, overlapping the ends.
  4. Take a smaller scrap to repeat the process on top of the first fabric scrap.
  5. Repeat till you like the look.
  6. Let the bead dry on the shape.
  7. Optional is to decorate the beads with paint, glitter, ink, oil, whatever.
  8. Slide beads off the shape 
  9. Optional is to coat the finished bead with a protective coat of something to give it a shine.
  10. Sew them on whatever.  Beads should only be used on items that will not be washed.
Easy Peasy!  You can cut the fabric or rip it.  You can use wider or narrower scraps.  You can combine lots of colors or make them all one color.  HAVE FUN!

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