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Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Favorites

If you like snow dye you will love this post.  Lisa was nice enough to post a PDF with instructions for snow and ice dyeing.  She learned her technique from this site with a tutorial on snow dye.  I love snow dyeing but now that I have learned how to ice dye, I am content to miss out on the cold weather.  Unfortunately it is supposed to snow tonight.  YIKES!

Terry has been redesigning her studio and was nice enough to post instructions for making a sewing table and an island.  My studio is a cobbled together assortment of tables of almost the same height with my sewing machine sitting on top all designed the purpose of making my shoulders and neck hurt if I sew for too long.  Perhaps Terry has a good idea.  Hmmmm...

Kim has created some lovely boxes. They are not technically made of fabric unless you count the bondaweb or heavy interfacing but they are gorgeous.  She doesn't include much in the way of instruction since she is teaching a class and has a new book.  But I might give them a try anyway.

Judy shows some pictures from April's show.  I absolutely love the "vintage doilies"  held by the colorful resin hands. How come I am not that creative??  I think it is genius!

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  1. Must have missed this Friday. Now I know we read the same blogs because the only thing I didn't see was Terry Grants studio. Sending lots of positive energy for your trip to "the Barn".


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