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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I love the first of the Month!

Ah!  The first of the month!  I love the first of the month.  I get paid monthly so the first of the month I feel RICH!  RICH, I tell you!  For about a day.  Less really. 

This month I have used my disposable income marked for art/quilting supplies on: 1) renewing my SAQA membership, 2) buying a yearly membership in SDA, and 3) joining the local art gallery, Harlow Gallery, so I can show my work there.

So now it is the second of the month and  I am back to penny-pinching.  I am trying to figure out how much money out of the food budget I can eke to actually create art this month.  I am sure my dear and loving husband will not mind having rice and beans for Thanksgiving.  LOL


  1. Rice and Beans are very healthy! :) I say your priorities are well worth it.

  2. I understand exactly how you feel, Judith. I get paid the 1st, too, and it's all penny-pinching as of the 2nd trying to make it last for the rest of the month after the bills are paid.

  3. well yeah! Doesn't everyone eat rice and beans for thanksgiving?

  4. Art is long, wealth is fleeting....

  5. Rice and beans, nice squash casserole, some pickled beets and you'll have a colorful table.
    How eciting to have a place to show your art. I let my SAQA membership go. hmmmm, maybe I should reconsider things. :)Bea


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