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Monday, November 14, 2011

Second Assignment and Friday Favorites

Here is a picture of my second assignment.  The piece is only partially sewn and is a failure as far as completing the assignment but Nancy did say that it is on its way to becoming a good composition.

 Friday Favorites
I didn't have much time to cruise last week--Nancy keeps you busy!  And in my very little free time I spent  in the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center's show, Quilts=Art=Quilts.   I have found a lot of inspiration there!   By totally ignoring my husband in the few minutes I have free, I have had time to find this one post.

Here is Connie Rose's success with eco dyeing with alum.  Makes me yearn to get back home to my black walnut brew.  I think I will try her recipe, wrapping method, my walnut brew, and see what I get.


  1. YES Nancy Crow is well known for her ideal focus and determination to make the moment count. Your work is simply fabulous! Carry on...there is always time to make up with hubby! Peace, Mary Helen

  2. I love this piece, Judith. I entered the Art=Quilts=Art show but didn't get in. Of almost 400 entries, they only picked about 80, so I can imagine they were fabulous!


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