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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ice Dyeing

I had such a great time ice dyeing with FIVE so I tried it at home on my own.  I jury-rigged my laundry basket with sticks between the opening and a screen mesh over the sticks. I intentionally placed the sticks halfway up the sides of the laundry basket so that the ice  could be contained in the basket also. That was one of the problems we encountered when FIVE ice dyed--the pile of ice would slide off the top.

 To ice dye, I soda ashed some baby clothes and some fabric, scrunched them on top of the screen, and covered them with 10 lbs of ice.
 Then I squirted it full of dye.  The next part was the hardest.  It was letting the ice sit long enough to melt.  Da Da Da Da Dum Da Da.......... TA DA!

The material will turn into samples for my Fugitive Workshop. The baby clothes are going to Newborns in Need, an organization that provides clothes for babies coming home from the hospital.


  1. that looks easy enough--cool results too

  2. Stunning results...I will have to try this real soon! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Just look at what I started. I love the look for children.

  4. Love how these turned out! Those onesies are adorable.

  5. What type or brand of dyes did you use? I'm in year 12 and planning on using this type of dying in my art major work but i'm not sure what dye to use or where to get it:)

  6. Beautiful! Never thought about putting it all in a laundry cart. Great idea!!


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