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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blue Rose and a Nancy Crow finish

Here is the picture of my Blue Rose that I promised you last week.  Sorry it took so long.  After I promised to post it I was sick and wasn't in my office to take a picture.
I was undecided how to finish the edges so for now I just slid it into a frame.  This was an experiment where I sewed together 5 or 6 layers of fabric and then started cutting away layers.  Once I was happy with what was revealed, I applied gesso to the front and added some stamping and other color embellishment.  I really like the results and should do more with this technique.

And here is my first finished (other than the hanging sleeve and a good steaming) quilt from the tops I pieced during Nancy Crow's workshop.  
The quilting is not going to earn me any awards but I am satisfied with the piece.  As I am preparing for a solo show next summer, I want to do more with this "double F" motif and have them all hang together.


  1. I love your "Double F" motif quilt and the quilting on it is wonderful. Can't wait to see it up close and personal!!!!.

  2. Tell me more about your solo show! The Double F motif quilt is wonderful.

  3. Your pieces are very nice. I love the high contrast in the "double f" piece. I'm very impressed that you got it finished so soon. I'm with Laura; I'd like to hear more about this solo show too.

  4. What a great motif to explore. Nice work-always fun to see what you are doing next.

  5. Beautiful finish. I love the simplicity of two tone quilt.

  6. I love that. Very remindful of the Gee's Bend stuff.


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