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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Friday Favorites

 Busy! Busy!  Busy!  I have not done very much cruising lately.  Instead I have been working on a new piece inspired by Rayna Gillman's new book, Create your own free-form quilts.  Check it out here.   There are some other posts on the Fire blog that explains the process a bit more.

Friday Favorites posted on Sunday ( oops!)
Sharon B. is incredibly generous with her talents and skills and here is one more example. In this post she shares some of her decisions when she is starting a new piece of handwork.  While her decisions and yours may not be the same, if you are a beginning or intermediate hand stitcher, it is a very good read.  And I totally agree with her about keeping things simple because if they get too complicated, then they don't generally get finished--at least for Sharon and me.

Another Sharon has been doing some zen doodling in cloth using black thread and a sewing machine.  Some of the design is from a free pattern and some is just Sharon doing her thing.

For Christmas my husband bought me two hand stitching workbooks by Ilza Aviks.  I want to get started on the exercises in them and this post at Novembergrass showed me a great way to experiment and still make the item look like a finished piece.  Don't you love the contained circles of directional hand stitching?  And this post gives me an idea of how to add stitching to this polyester transperse dyed piece that I am not in love with yet.


  1. Where do you purchase transperse dyes these days? I worked with them years ago and yes you do need to use polyester fabrics but they were fun to layer with photographs. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


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