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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Terry Jarrad-Dimond alerted me to an opportunity to show off a small (tee hee) portion of my art--a postcard!  The card is not due now.  But  I have filled out the intent to send a card form and emailed it in to artquiltselements@gmail.com.

Judy in the Dyes has been enjoying her tea lately.  And she has been leaving the used tea bags laying around.  On her fabric.  What a great idea!  Take a look.

The Quilt Rat is giving free onliine lessons for machine quilting.  Here are her instructions for thwarting the quilt police when starting and stopping stitching.  I wish I could say that I use this method but I don't.  But maybe someday I will care what the quilt  police say.

Memo Ignorat is a new blog that promises to be interesting if the pictures of her past endeavors is any indication.  I love the coat she made or is making.  Not sure is she is done yet.

Oh, ABSOLUTELY, you need to see Arlee's monoprints.  Check out the very bottom one. She shows the print and then the  print stitched.  Oh, she is now my goddess!  I have been trying to find examples to show my art teacher that incorporate lovely stitch and monoprints.  You can bet these pictures are gonna be shown around the art room.

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