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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Friday Favorites

I have started my new intermediate print class.  Tuesday we made our first prints and I forgot to bring my camera to show you mine.  I was going to bring the camera on Thursday but I ended up too sick to go to class. We were going to overprint with a second color.  So now I am a session behind and have no pictures to show you.

What is a new year without a new challenge and what better than to work on free motion quilting skills.  This challenge is one I am going to pass up since I am taking an intermediate print class that I am pretty sure is gonna kick my butt but otherwise I would be right there improving my free motion quilting skills.  Mine suck.  But this is on my later list for now.

How about starting the new year helping a worthy charity?  Pig Tales and Quilts is raising funds for Ronald McDonald House. She lists a variety of ways you can help.

I am always excited to learn new stitching techniques and here is a tutorial for doing wired needlelace.  Elizabeth Braun is from England so when she says "calico" she is referring to what we in the states call muslin.  If you are interested in stitch, you might want to follow along Linda's Sixty-five Days Till 65 journey.

Sorry,  that is all I got to browse this week.  With class two nights a week, my browsing time is seriously decreased.  I'll try and do better next week.

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  1. Thanks for sending everyone to check on my sixty five days to 65 project!


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