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Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Favorites--results from blog hopping

Let me say that I was disappointed with the Quilting Gallery's blog hop. There were over 200 blogs to hop through, lots of opportunity to be excited, and yet ...I wasn't.

First, so many blogs seemed to be self-promoting their latest pattern, fabric design, book, etc. Really, rather than representing an artist, the blog was just an advertising arm of a business.  I was hoping to connect with some like-minded textile artists rather than to find a new source for materials. 

Second, so many required me to become a follower in order to qualify for their give-aways.  You know, if the blog shares my interest I am going to become a follower without a bribe and if the site does not share my interests then why clog my reading list with them.  Is bragging that your blog has two zillion followers (who don't read the blog)  really all that important?

Third, I was disappointed by the quilting-only focus of the blogs.  I will take ownership of this complaint since others blog hoppers may well be satisfied with the more traditional quilting focus of the majority of the blogs.   I think as I have gained experience and come closer to finding my own voice, I have become much more focused on the creation of ART rather than just making something.  I no longer follow blogs that focus only on bed quilts (no offense if that is your passion).  I like art quilts and doodling and surface design and printmaking and making books.   I want something more than the latest iteration of a traditional quilt pattern.  I want an art focus and I did not find much of that while hopping.  But then, it was a quilt blog hop so this really is my problem.

That said, I did find a couple of new blogs to follow and a few posts that, for me, were worth linking to.

Friday Favorites

I now follow Lisa's blog, Something about Nothing. She gave away a snow dye which I would love to win; it was magnificent! The previous post was about a shibori dyed scarf. The post before that was about stamping.  Yep, my kinda blog!

Karen at The Recipe Bunny upcycled a book and had a very good "recipe" with pictures for how she did it.

Jennifer at Another Jennifer made some fabulous stuffed birds--don't expect real bird looking birds.  I found her blog too late to sign up for the give-away but Jennifer says she is going to be giving away stuff for the next couple of weeks.  I'll be checking back.

Kelly at Kelly's Art has been giving away beautiful snow dyes all winter.  I think she is into her 13th week.  And she shows you some of her art quilts that have been accepted into shows.  You know, seeing them helps me to remember that entering a few shows each year is a goal I made and then forgot.  I need to spend some time not just making art but showing it!

Claire at Cspoonquilt is a woman after my own heart. She defines the difference between scraps and crumbs (fabric crumbs) and shows you a small purse she made with her crumbs.  How can you say no to something made from basically nothing?


  1. Thank you Thank YOU Thank you!!! Have a great weekend! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Hi. Thanks for the friendly mention! I agree with so much of what you said, too. Traditional quilts don't do much for m either.

  3. Thanks for doing all the heavy lifting Judith. I now know I am not crazy because I too have a HUGE basket of yummy crumbs. Sad to report I also have a rather large basket of loose threads as well. Is this sad??? Don't answer that!!


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