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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Intaglio Printing

Before Beth and I started to make our hard cover books, we tried some intaglio printing. Intaglioo printing is when you ink up a plate, wipe off as much ink as possible, and then print. What appears on the paper is the ink left in the recesses of  the plate.  Here are the collagraph plates (one front and one back) I made using cardboard from a Girl Scout cookie box and modeling paste.

We inked up the  plates, wiped off the ink  using first pages from an old phone book and then a tarleton.

We tried printing it with my pin press but we could not apply enough pressure to print the recesses. Beth then tried her pasta roller.

 That totally worked! See the great lines?


  1. Good thinking on the pasta roller. Too bad they don't make really large ones. Doesn't it make you want to go out and get a printing press?

  2. Now I know what intaglio printing is and also how people print using a pasta machine. Blogging is so educational!!

  3. Love the print!!! Laura Kemshall uses pasta maker too. I requested one for Christmas from my kids but haven't tried it out yet!! Too many things to bring to Florida with me! But you've peaked my interest again!!

  4. A Pasta roller???? Sheer brilliance......LOVE it!!!!!

  5. How clever to use a pasta machine!


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