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Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Favorites

Remember a few weeks ago when I was whining about being sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Now when I write my blog I think, "Another week of feeling good and being productive!"  That is so much better!  I have already posted pictures of my print series that I finished for my print class and the QAYG quilt for the service auction. Soon I will be posting my Carnival art quilt on the Art Quilts Around the World blog.  Happy, healthy, busy times!

Friday Favorites:

Do you know about deli papers?  I didn't know a thing about them till I came across this post by Jane Davies. She describes deli paper as dry wax paper that is "stronger than tissue paper but almost as transparent."  Sounds good, huh?  After reading Jane's post, I went looking for more information and found quite a bit.  It appears that some people find deli papers addictive.  Who am I to turn down a possible new surface design addiction?  Beth, are you ready to play with deli papers?

I am linking you to Heather's blog just for the eye candy there.  These two quilts are from the Kathleen Loomis school of fine lines. The piecing is complex enough but please do notice that she adds gradiations in color and size in her two pieces also.  For me, that takes Heather from a good art quilter to a master art quilter.  Very well done!  Those pieces can hang on my wall any day of the week.

While I added this post because of the eye candy trees, she does give technique information.  Don't you love the trees?

This is a great example how taking print classes can help me become a better surface design artist in fabric.  I particularly love Linda's  fractured mono print.  You will notice that she not only cut her circles in more than just 4 pieces, she did not put them back together again as independent circles.  There are gaps and holes and overlapping. That is what makes it interesting.  I need to do a construction project for my print class.  I had planned to make some accordion books with monoprints inside but her fractured monprint is very inspiring.  I will need to consider something like that as an option.

Here is a second example of the intersection between printing and fabric.  Karina shows you how to print on fabric without a lot of fuss and expensive equipment.  I am most interested in this because I think you can create yardage with this method--something that is difficult to do with many other methods.  And sometimes I want a yard or two fabric rather than just a sample size.

I will close with a new blog that I have added to my reading list.  Magaret Ramsay is from the UK.  She shows a fabulous art quilt, then indigo shibori, then her sketchbook and watercolors.  What more do you need to see?

See you next week!


  1. I love Margaret Ramsay's blog and added it to my homepage so I can keep up. My kinda gal. I also think you can create printed yardage a lot easier than Karina although with the same look FASTER.....
    Great Friday Favs!!

  2. Thanks for your Friday Favorites. Great new blogger to follow-thanks. Heather was in several of my classes and I agree she has taken it to another level with her last few pieces.


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