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Friday, March 22, 2013

Finished Quilt-As-You-Go Quilt

I got it done just in time to give it away on Saturday. We are having a service auction--you bid using points you earned by doing good deeds to others. This is my donation to be auctioned off.

I am actually pleased with it.  I did not expect to like it but while I recognize it is not high art, it does look good on a twin bed. And the Quilt-As-You-Go (QAYG) method is not bad.  In fact I might use it to make one or two more quilts to use up a few more of my scraps.


  1. A new convert. This is such a quick and easy way to make a useful object. Not far from art and it if you told no one is was a bed quilt, you probably would have fooled them. Very nice work!!

  2. I'm not surprised you like it! The colours are lovely and it has a 3D feeling to it; a great way of using up bits and pieces.

  3. I love this quilt! It's very improvisational and has a great deal of charm!

  4. Great work! I really must try QAYG soon as I have cleared a path in the backlog of other projects waiting to be done!

  5. Really cool quilt that looks so fun thanks to the scraps. And I really like your arrangement of the colors.
    best, nadia


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