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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kate's Wedding Quilt

Okay, here is my plea for some suggestions. 

I started Kate's quilt years ago.  I think she has now been married for 3 years, maybe 4.  She has one little boy and is now expecting a second baby.  I would really like to finish it before the year is out.  Image her surprise if she got it for Christmas?  And I could count it in my UFO list for Joy in the New Year Challenge.

Here is the problem.  I think it is too long for the width and I would like for it to be at least a twin size when finished.  I am not sure what to add that will work with what is started.  Here is a not very good picture and some close ups of details.

Okay, here is the story the quilt is telling
Do you know the story of Johnny Lingo?  He prized his wife so much that he paid her father 8 cows as her bride price so that she would never have any doubt of her value in his eyes.  Well, when Andrew asked Kate's father for permission to marry her, Andrew brought 8 stuffed cows to give to her father.  So, the quilt has 8 paper-pieced cows that lead up to the paper-pieced temple, and a paper-pieced bride and groom.  In the sky the paper-pieced Angel Moroni is blowing his horn and dispersing the darkness. Both Kate and Andrew are return missionaries so the symbolism seemed appropriate.

The question is how to add borders that will bring the finished size up to what I need and will compliment the story of the center?


  1. From what I can see here a very plain border would work well since all the interest and activity is in the middle telling the story.

    The only spot that bothers me is that red piece which stands out alot. I can't tell what the block is saying there but maybe you could tone it down with some other fabrics over parts of it.

    That being said, maybe a thin red border around the whole composition and then a wider purple border. The purple could be various purples. The fast border I like is the piano key border. Adding a thin border and then piano keys would certainly be easy and you could possibly get it done by Christmas.

    I think your cows are super!!

  2. I like Debra's suggestion of a red inner border; I think an inner border always separates the parts of the quilt well. Piano keys would work, and so would a border of squares in blues and greens, like a nine patch but w/o the alternating dark and light look. If the quilt is mostly green on the bottom and blue on the top, the border could do that too. You could make either piano keys or squares that way.

    Hope you don't mind my jumping in. Debra linked to you, and I couldn't resist.

  3. WOW - I bet Kate (or anyone else for that matter) would be happy to wait a decade for that beautiful, thoughtful and sweet quilt. It's great. Blue, White & Green alternating stripes (piano keys?) would look great, then maybe a a dark green thin (1/4-1/2) border

  4. She's going to love it! I like the idea of adding a piano key border.


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