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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What is red, white, and black all over?

After working hard to make the Winter Picnic quilt exact (sewing seams, checking points, ripping out seams, *re-sewing seams, checking points, ripping out seams: repeat from * until points match perfectly)  I need a day of the type of sewing I really enjoy.  So, this morning I am rewarding myself with working on an ongoing scrap project, Red, White, and Black All Over. 
I am using red, black, and white scraps along with some leftover red, white, or black blocks or half-triangles left over from other quilts.  I am also using some of the scraps to make blocks from Origami Quilts by Lousie Mabbs and Wendy Lowes.  I especially like the nip & tuck  and the posies for rosie2 techniques.  I may experiment with other techniques from the book but for the most part I want the quilt to just be free.  I want to just sit at my sewing machine and say, "Oh, these two scraps are about the same length and might look good sewn together."  and then to go for it.  Here are a few of my unique-shaped blocks.

This afternoon I will need to get serious again and work on Christmas presents and the Red and White Snowball Challege (and maybe wash dishes and fold some laundry).


  1. You should truly do what you like. If making other people's patterns is something you think you "should" do, then you shouldn't. You should only do what makes you truly happy. Life is just too short to be unhappy with your hobby/craft/artwork. I say go with the Creating Makes Me Feel Free approach!

  2. Skip the dishes. Spend the day sewing. :)


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