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Friday, November 20, 2009

Progress on many fronts

Just because I have not posted my progress on my many challenge and Christmas projects lately doesn't mean that I am not working!  I have been making progress and believe I will be making even more progress this weekend and next week when I take several days of of work.

1.  I have completely finished two of the three pocket dolls for Christmas presents to granddaughters.  I have all the clothes made for the third and just need to make the dolly and the pocket.

2.  Now that the handwork is finished for the doll clothes, I am back to working on my Shibori.  My guild has a brown bag challenge coming up in December.  I need to put three pieces of fabric in a brown bag along with some information about me.  I want to include an indigo shibori piece with two coordinated dyed pieces.  This picture is the beginning of my stitching for the shibori piece.

3.  For the UFO challenge, Joy in the New Year, I have tackled my fractured quilt top.  It was too fractured for my liking so I have cut it more (does that make any sense??) and inserted strips ala Ricky Timms.  Here is a picture of my progress.  So far, I like the results.

4.  I have not yet started cutting and piecing the November Schnibble, Picnic, but I do have the pattern and have chosen the color palette (not my typical cheerful, even childlike palette).  Here is a sneak peek at the materials.  It is Kansas Winter.  I am making the Schnibble to hang in the office of a co-worker and he wanted a more subdued color.  I will be starting the piecing this weekend. 

5.  Kate's quilt is still folded waiting for attention. Keep the suggestions coming for it.  I am getting a much stronger feel for how I want to proceed.

6.  Last, I have started adding details to the fabric self-portrait I am making for my Mom. The large pieces of fabric are all fused together and now I am making the faces with various media--currently using water-color pencils but will continue with some stronger colors.  I need to take a picture and get your suggestions.  Later.  This is definitely one of those tenative pieces where I work very slowly.  You know, *do a little, live with it a while, do a little more, live with it, and repeat from *

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