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Monday, November 2, 2009

UFO challenge

I have done it.  Joined the UFO challenge at http://tallgrassprairiestudio.blogspot.com/.   I am taking a few days off of work at Thanksgiving when I was going to work on a Thanksgiving feast. So much for cooking!!  Here are the projects I am counting.  I, of course, have several other project in process but none of them are far enough along to count in this challenge.

I counted 4 finished tops--
1.  October schnibble that I have pinned and ready to go

2.  crazy quilt yellow
3.  fractured crazy quilt (see the picture)
4.  9x9 quilt (actually put this together several years ago but it needs a border added)
5.  I am not counting the fall quilt because I want to do some surface technique on it first.  I'll show you a picture later.

And 3 unfinished tops
1.  Kates's wedding quilt (got married 3 years ago).
2.  The stars quilt I stopped working on 4 years ago to work on Kate's quilt.
3.  November Schnibble (not started yet but I have ordered the pattern).

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  1. Your fractured CQ looks pretty interesting. What do you have planned for it?


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