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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas presents for family almost done!

Here is the front and back of the Cars quilt.  Not an artistic masterpiece but the litte boy will appreciate the Disney's Car fabric better than the G-Bend influenced style that I adore.  Later today the front and back will become more intimate with only a thin batting between.  After their indiscretion, they will be get bound together.

I have aslo finished the Pocket Doll.  Here is the 1) outside of the pocket,
2) the inside of the pocket showing the dresser (three pockets stacked to look like dresser drawers with buttons as drawer pulls), the closet (a ribbon with three buttons and 3 little hangers made from copper wire) and the bed with its own quilt,

3) and lastly Dolly in her nightgown in her bed. Nighty, nighty Dolly!

Now to find a mailing box.


  1. How cute are those presents? Very!

  2. How fun. I bet they were fun to make & to give. My little guy would love that quilt.


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