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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Red and White Snowball Challenge

I have all my Christmas sewing done and the presents are in the mail.  I have only finished one UFO for the Joy in the New Year Challenge.  Perhaps I should be working desparately on the rest trying to make the deadline but I am not.  I would rather finish them to my satisfaction later than rush them now.  I am at peace with that. 

I have skipped the Year of Schnibbles December pattern too.  I don't use pin cushions. I had thought about turning the pattern into tree ornaments. It would not be hard.  But we don't put up a tree and all the Christmas packages are in the mail. Why bother to make it except to say I did it?

So, on to the next project. I have been slow starting on the Red and White Snowball Challenge but I think I will get it finished by the January 31 deadline.  I have all 480 half-square triangles made.  I made most of them using the "Easy Piecing Techniques" on page 10 of the book.  I took pictures so I can create a tutorial if you are interested.

I got bored ironing all those half-squares and trimming them so I do a little at a time and make a few blocks.  Then I iron, trim, and sew some more.  So far I have almost all of my red blocks done!  Yeah me!

Merry Christmas to you!  In with all your unwrapping and feasting and partying and family fun, I hope you have time for some quilting!


  1. I don't want time for quilting! I wouldn't mind time for a little embroidery, however!

  2. Always time for quilting! Have a happy holiday.


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