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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Working on Christmas

I know that there is plenty of time for my Christmas Spirit to go south but right now I am feeling pretty good!  I think the most exciting part of the holiday is Giving.  This year the extended family is gathering around a member of the family who is having a difficult Christmas.  Family, isn't that what it is all about?

My sister became aware of the family's situation, asked permission of the anonymous family member to swing into action for the sake of the children involved, and was given permission.  So, the whole family from Oklahoma, Florida, Maine, Ohio, and Indiana are all chipping in to help Santa.  We might guess who the family member is but no one is mentioning names.

I volunteered to make another pocket doll for the little girl in the family. This will be my 4th.  I have all the little clothes made, the pocket with her closet and bed almost finished, and the doll herself yet to be started.  I'll post pictures when it is finished.  

For the little boy I am making a small quilt.  It won't be fancy--no time--besides I am sure he would rather have a fancy print than an intricately pieced design.  I went through my stash and found some panels from the Disney Movie, Cars.  Perfect for a little boy!  Even better, when I was shopping over the weekend I found a coordinating print for the back on sale.  Was this quilt meant to be or what?!  With a lot of luck, I will finish it this weekend.  I'll post pictures.

Ho Ho Ho!  I hope you are feeling as good about your Christmas!


  1. Sounds like an excellent way to spend your Christmas energy!

  2. Good for you! Looking forward to seeing the pics!


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