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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My erosion bundle

I have been putting together fabric, rusting things, and old lino prints for my erosion bundle and getting really excited about the idea of making something from the abused fabric.  THEN I get my first copy of Cloth Paper Scissors.  It has an article on wabi-sabi inspiration.  Here is a quote from the article: "Wabi-sabi refers to the qualities of imperfection, aging, cycles of nature, and cycles of life.  It values rust, patina, burnishing, tearing, staining, and decay."  Wooo Hooo!  Not only am I letting fabric rot outside for a few months and thereby adding rust, tearing, staining, and decay but I am creating using an Asian concept.  Cool, eh?

If you want to see what can be done with the wabi-sabi technique of erosion bundles,check out Spirit Cloth.


  1. I'm going to have to check out this idea! Looks fun.

  2. I was reading about that in CPS! Can't wait to see your wabi-sabi piece!


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