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Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Favorites

Thank you to everyone who told me they missed my Friday Favorites when I was dealing with holiday stuff.  And thank you to everyone whom I have mentioned in the Friday Favorites who thanked me for mentioning them.  No, really, thank YOU for posting great stuff!

I usually love to read Elizabeth Barton's comments and this entry on grids in contemporary quilts is no exception.  I find that my work tends towards being grid work.  Like Elizabeth, I suspect it is because I come from traditional quilting and that is how my brain works now. But being aware of it will help me to think further outside the box, I hope. And don't miss reading this one about editing your less than amazing work or this one about using photographs for quilts designs.  I think reading it would have been helpful to our "Interpret This!" group as we struggled (okay, I struggled) with turning photographs into fiber art.

Cas Holmes is a guest artist on the The Sketchbook Challenge (to which I have yet to commit).  She gives her 20 point guide to keeping a sketchbook here.   Her 20th point is the same point that every artist on the site has also stated. " Finally, stop worrying if the drawing is 'good enough' or what others may think. You are drawing for your own reference, it is only for you and a reflection of your though processes."


  1. I always like your ruminations on art and references to great blogs. This is a blog I always look forward to reading.

  2. Elizabeth Barton is always one of my favorite blogs to read, too. Your Friday Favorites are pretty slim this week, I assume you're working furiously on your Interpret This challenge piece? I keep checking that blog to see what you've come up with, can't wait to see it.


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