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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Results from Play Date

Last Saturday the five of us in our play group got together and played with soy wax. Well, 4 of us got to  play.  When Beth plugged in her electric skillet she blew the fuse and got to spend most of the rest of her day shoveling out the basement to get to the fusebox.  Sorry, Beth!  Anyway, here are the two pieces that I finished.
This one I liked just the way it is. It is a cotton fabric.  The next one is silk.  I love the shades in it and have plans for a second layer of decoulorant to finish it off.  Sorry the picture is so shiny that you can't see all the lovely detail in the colors.


  1. Soy wax is so much fun! Don't you love how just about anything can be used as a stamp? That silk piece is beautiful - even though we can't see all the detail.

  2. Your pieces REALLY make me anxious to get started. I love them. I can't wait to play with soy wax. That IS our technique for February isn't it? I got an old skillet, ordered my soy wax, gathered sponges and other texture yielding tools (not enough), and am ready to try it. I had been meaning to do it for awhile but just haven't gotten to it. "And Then We Set It On Fire" is serving as a real motivator for me.


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