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Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Favorites

Have you noticed that you get to ride along with me in my journey to be a better artist?  I mean, the blogs I find the most interesting are those which lead me further along my current artistic path.  I hope  you  also find them of benefit.
Currently I am taking a drawing class.  Only have met twice due to holidays and snow days but I am diligently practicing in my sketchbook using pencil.  Here is a photo of homework for my class.

I  am planning projects translating my pencil on paper sketches to ink on fabric.  And what do I find?  A post by Terri Stegmiller on the attributes of the Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric.  I have a WIP baby quilt on which I want to use that pen!  The background is a cerulean blue shibori pole wrap.  I have silk screened fish on it and want the pen to give details to the fish.  Don't you think a little boy would love that?

Connie Rose has been reorganizing her quilts and has donated a few and reworked a few.  Since I love a couple of my quilts but feel that several are not quite done yet, I always pay attention to ways of reworking them to release the magic I feel is just below the surface.  I think Connie was very successful on her Discharge 2 rework.  Connie also mentions the book "The Painted Quilt" by Linda and Laura Kemshall.  I have that book and need to give it another look.  The technique that Connie wants to try is painting already quilted quilts.  My IT quilt that didn't get finished this month was going to use that technique.  When I finally finish it, I will report back.

Are you a follower of the Quilt Rat yet?   She gives a great tip on washing yardage and another on a solution to marking a quilt block.  I always love to visit her site just to see her marvelous doodles.  Such talent!  Anyway, I have a bolt of fabric waiting to be washed and then dyed for my Nancy Crow Workshop.  I am definitely giving the washing tip a try soon.

The Erosion Bundle Project is being hosted again this year by Kris Henderson.  I participated last year in putting a bundle out but never made anything from it.  I hung the material and it really didn't change much. This year I have several lovely pieces of metal including some old hinges I am going to add to the bundle and then I am going to lay the bundle on top of one of metal sculptures.  I bet I get some markings this year!  I'll show pictures when I get it bundled--maybe on Saturday.  Join the fun, if you want.  It is really interesting watching everyone's bundles.

Jane LaFazio had a wonderful day of monoprinting on a gelatin plate.  I tried that.  ONCE.  Not inspired.  But obviously there is wonderful art to create using the method.  Jane shows her results and they are worth a look.  Maybe I will try and talk my friends into playing with monoprinting one more time.  Beth? Rosalita?  KC?

I am not really into Block Lotto but I do have a ton of scraps I need to get rid of or use up.  The block for January would be a playful pattern to use some of those scraps.  Now I just need to have several more snow days when I get paid to stay home and quilt!

Quilter Beth needs your opinion on how to finish her project.  I am especially excited because she is considering using some pieces she has shiboried--the technique of the month for "And then we set it on FIRE".  You go girl!

LuAnn Kessi at May Your Bobbin Always be Full has posted a wonderful tutorial on how to cord bound edge your art quilts.  She has some other tutorials if you want to spend the time cruising her blog.  In this one,  she has a tutorial for the technique I used in this art quilt.

Have a wonderful week but before you sign off for the day, don't forget to complete your entry form to win a Janome and make a comment at Fibra Artysta to win a thermofax screen.


  1. I've been trying to comment all day, keep getting interrupted by WORK. What kind of fabric are you dyeing a whole bolt of for Nancy Crow? I think I already read every single one of these blogs you mention today on a regular basis.

    Could you post a picture of your baby boy quilt with the fish on it? I'm trying to get ideas for a co-worker who is due in April, her first baby. And I've used the Pentel Gel Roller pen on fabric several times, it goes on great and doesn't wash off.

  2. Great blog this Friday! I like the monoprints the women did but I really like Margaret's technique much better. You can push and rub harder and I "think" I have more control which I really think I do. I am always game for trying something different at our playdates.


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