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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Final Assignment for Drawing Class

Our final assignment in class is to draw 3-5 pictures that show an elapse of time.  The instructor showed us pictures that other classes have drawn for this assignment.  Some were like little storyboards.  Some went the route of generation and drew pictures of family members or of their houses.

 Because of what I have learned from presentation on Elizabeth Barton  I am going to work in a series with different lighting and shadows showing the elapse of time. So, Lake Messalonskee is not far from my house and I pass a wonderful view of it every morning and night.  I have long wanted to do something with that view and here is my chance. 

Here are two pictures that I have taken today.  The first was at 8 am and the second was at 10 am.  Look at the difference in the shadows and the reflection in the lake.  I'll take more pictures later today.  I think this may turn into a great project!

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  1. What a wonderful idea. Can't wait to see them and you too to think of it!


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