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Friday, April 8, 2011

This week's fun and Friday Favorites

This was the week I was supposed to have fun.  I got started last Saturday but then didn't get a chance to go back and finish.  Saturday was a meeting of the FIVE.  Well, it was supposed to be a meeting of the FIVE.  Kathy was snowed in; Rosalita (featured here) wanted to spend time with her husband; Charlene had to work; Beth (featured here) and I met and played with painting fusible and foiling.  Beth says that we are no longer foil virgins.  Anyway, I got started on a couple of good projects but then nothing.  Beth turned her projects into 3 finished quilts.  ***Heavy Sigh***  I have got to give up sleeping. 

Here are my beginnings:

 This one is just squares of the ink-painted fusible fused to white fabric in a random pattern.

This one will be an ocean scene.  It uses fabric I parfait dyed, painted fusible from Beth, and then silver foil.  It still needs alot!

Friday Favorites:
This week it seemed that I saw posts that reminded me of my friends.   Laura, this post on Inktense Pencils is for you!  Enjoy! 

Beth S., this post is for you!  Jane Dunnewold has become an urban guerilla tagging her neighborhood with her art.  And speaking of Jane, my friend Beth S. is doing an independent study with Jane as her mentor.  WOW!!!  You might stop by Beth's blog and wish her good luck as she undertakes the task of finding her unique voice.

Surface Design Stuff.
I posted over at "And then we set it on Fire" a Surface Design Round Robin I am organizing. We need more players so please hop over and take a look.  Also, we have someone in the Netherland who wants to play in a European Round Robin.  Any one interested?

And here is some great inspiration for surface design!  Connie Rose posted some fabulous pictures of her playing around with surface design.  Judi Hurwitt took another approach to surface design that I found really interesting.  Laura, an Iron Queen at the Chicago School of Fusing, shares her bias towards fusing.  And here is some finished fabric I fell in love with and which you could purchase from Spoonflower.  Which, of course, any of us could do with our own designs at Spoonflower.

Tomorrow I am off for more fun with a workshop with Wen Redmond down in NH.  Goody! 

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  1. Judith, I tried the inktense pencils on a large surface and didn't like how they turned out at all. I just don't have the time to devote to coloring a large project, so I got out my Pebeo setacolor paints instead--maybe I'll post pictures on my blog tomorrow. I've been feeling like a zombie by the time I get home from work lately, no projects or fun for me this week, either! Enjoy your workshop, Wen Redmond is so talented.


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