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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Tonight is my last drawing class.  Class finishes at 9:15 and then I go home and pack.  Tomorrow I am catching a plane for Ohio and Nancy Crow's Barn.   I have already mailed 50 yards of fabric and other supplies to the Barn but I have more I need to pack in my suitcase tonight. In fact, shall we play that fun traveling game?

Aunt Molly packed her suitcase and in her suitcase she packed an:
Apron for dyeing fabric
Black Dye
Camera (to digitally record my work)
Design wall (portable)
Extension cord (Heavy Duty)
Flower head pins
...are you getting the picture? 

I hope to have room for some clothes and maybe my hugging pillow to sleep with but I make no  promises.

No Friday Favorites this week or next since I will be preparing for, traveling to, and deep to my knees in the workshop. When I get a chance I will post pictures!


  1. Have a ball my friend and remember EVERYTHING so you can tell us about it when you return home refreshed and ready to rumble!!!!

  2. I'm so excited for you, I hope it will be a great experience!

  3. I hope you have a great time. I am looking forward to seeing what our hard day at dyeing and your talents makes. Have a safe trip and can't wait for all of us to get together again.

  4. I'm SO excited for you. What a wonderful opportunity! I can't wait to see your pictures and hear all about it.

    Oh...FYI...I'll miss your Friday Favorites. :-(

  5. Can't wait to see what you did!


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