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Monday, April 11, 2011

Line Upon Line

Started a new quilt over the weekend.  The fabric is plain white with fusible squares (fusible painted with ink last play date) fused and overfused to the surface. I am adding a layer of quilting using pearl cotton I have dyed.  I then plan to add a layer of silk organza with pictures/words printed on it using techniques I learned from Wen Redmond's workshop.  I will do more quilting on top of that.  Obviously hand quilting as you can see the needle and thread hanging down.

The working title is Line Upon Line.  I thought of that since the squares all have lines of ink of them.  I am not sure of the orientation yet. That may change as I work on it.  But I do love the colors. Those came from the new acrylic inks I am experimenting with.


  1. I like it and photographed in better light, those great colors and lines will really show their stuff.

  2. This looks wonderful! Love the idea of the organza over it all!


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