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Friday, January 18, 2013

A Week of Bronchitis and Friday Favorites

It has been a rough week fighting bronchitis.  That is really too strong a term.  It has been a long week of laying in bed, laying on the couch, coughing till my sides hurt and I can't catch my breath, and being not only too sick to go to work but too sick to enjoy my time at home by creating art.  What a lousy week! But I think the steroids are kicking in and I may live.  Yeah!

Friday Favorites

Every once and a while I find an artist that I would like to be like when I am a grown up artist.  I find their work to be a primer for my creative pump.  Kate Stiassni is one such artist.  She does not seem to have a blog but darn does she do a good job at her art. She has an upcoming show in CT if you are in the vicinity.

Not that Kate is alone on the pedestal.  Connie Rose is right up there too.  Her stuff is different from Kate's but both of their styles fit into my passion wheelhouse.  Here are some examples of why: books and more books and prints and more prints. And that is just what she done so far this year.

That I am a fan of Elizabeth Barton goes without saying.  One of the reasons I love her blog is that if you read them, you gain a lot about design principles.  I love to know why something works so that I can try to recreate it.  This blog, while it tells you about a couple of upcoming classes she is teaching and that I am way too busy to take right now, also connects you to why studying art can make your art better.

With feeling better and all the inspiration from my sister artists, I am hoping to finish my art quilt for the Art Quilts Around the World blog due the end of the month, start my second week of homework for my class with Lisa Call, and attend the second session of the print class that I signed up for but was too sick to attend on day one. 

I wish you a similarly good week!


  1. Hope you are well on Monday!!! And I really like both of your artist icons!

  2. Rest...sleep...and know you will return much stronger.........I wish you well. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


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