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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Art Show

I never did tell you the results of my participation at the Gardiner Art Walk.  I didn't sell anything but I didn't expect to.  I did set up a sewing table and worked on piecing some blocks. Some folks found that interesting.  I did get some traffic and some networking. On the whole, it was a good night.  I was going to take lots of pictures but forgot to charge my camera.  Only could take a couple before it died. 

This is a piece I have had up on my wall for maybe a year just needing a binding.  I was excited to finally have the prod to get it finished.  It is white cotton fabric I wrapped around copper pipe and let rot in my compost pile for a couple of months.  The not-so-white fabric is layed onto a black linen that has birch leaves stamped on it.  There is lots of hand embroidery on the trees and the black linen is hand quilted.  It is really special I think.

The studio in which I showed my art had a three panel screen which I used to post some lino prints on fabric and paper.  The outer four are printed in different colors on different papers. The top middle is printed on fabric and quilted. The bottom middle is the carved lino itself.  The carving was based on a photo my sister-in-law took.


  1. I love the lino pieces, and they look fantastic on that background fabric! Wish I could see your birch tree piece in person to see all the details that don't show up in a photo.

  2. Be true to yourself...we make our Art because we have to create marks of sacred beauty. It is not all about sales even though money does help us to survive...but you are creating because you have to create to live. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


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