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Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Favorites

I filled up my second sketchbook of Zentangles and had to create a third.  Nothing fancy--cardboard from my Cheerios for a cover and  the paper is letterhead that my school threw away when they redesigned the school logo.  Waste not; want not.

Friday Favorites
Spoonflower is having weekly contests for designing fabric pattern.  How fun! http://www.spoonflower.com/contests/170

Beth annoucnes her intentions for 2013 and starts off with several links for information about Dorthy Caldwell. Since Dorthy is hard to find on the internet, I appreciate the links that Beth has provided.

Colleen Kole share some pictures of her workshop quilts started at Nancy Crow Barn.  I think the workshop is the same one I have taken but I don't think my pieces were as exciting as Colleen's.  I was interested to learn that Colleen has taken classes with Nancy.  I love my classes with Nancy and it is because of Colleen's great quilts that I am taking the online class with Lisa Call starting this week.  I wonder where Colleen lives? She would make a great play date partner for Beth and me.

I tried to talk my husband into a Galaxy Sumsung Note just exactly for the reason shown on Lins Arty Blobs.  I talked myself out of it at Christmas thinking that perhaps the graphic design wasn't as good as shown in the commercials or so hard to learn that I probably couldn't learn it or that I have so much stuff waiting to be played with that I didn't need another toy.  But I was wrong!  Saving my money now for my next absolutely necessary art supply.

It is a tutorial!  I love tutorials and this is a great one because it is by Terri Stegmiller. Terri shows a new way to make a stencil.  I am gonna try it!  You'll have to go and take a look if you want to find out more.  And you don't have to take my word for how fabulous it is.  Jill at the Quilt Rat thought so too and shows off her experiments with the technique.

And here is a perfect excuse to eat Ferrero Rocher Chocolates.  I know, like we need an excuse, but when you need the wrappers for your art (ART!) eating the chocolate is just a side benefit.  ***snicker***

My last Friday Favorite is from Constance Rose. She talks about cleaning your gelli plate with fabric/paper you will use later.  She also links you to the original blog tutorial on using the gelli plate.  AND, she shows you the book she has made from her wipe rags.


  1. Great links. I've seen the chocolate wrappers before - great REASON (not excuse) to eat chocolates. Love the "stencils". I was thinking more stamp/resist/colograph. Fab idea. I did that on cardboard but liftable is even cooler!!

  2. I really look forward to your Friday favorites -and I was blushing away when you included little old me! Thank you for that.

    I have enjoyed my classes with Nancy Crow and Lisa Call. You will definitely be pushed in the Working in a Series with Lisa.


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