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Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Favorites

Finally I am starting to feel better.  It has been a rough few weeks.  Thank you good friends who have sent me good wishes and positive energy! I have had to cancel our last two play dates but Beth and I are planning a play date this Saturday--hopefully the third time will be the charm!

Friday Favorites

I have been working on my doodles but never have I considered putting them on shoes like Jamie Fingal did on the Sketchbook Challenge.  I am wondering what else the doodles would look good on?

Terri Stegmiller has designed some new stencils and is promoting them through a stencil blog hop.  I start out with the  promotional part so that you won't be surprised or put off by it.  I am directing you to the blog hop because the eight participating artists are doing amazing things with her stencils.  This is not a one layer and done stencil job.  Oh no.  These artists have created layered stenciled fabrics with real interest.  If you hurry, you can not only read the instructions and see the results but you can enter to win one of the stencils.

Lisa Kerpoe has posted some of her experiments with a new screen printing technique on the Art Cloth Network. The technique originated from Jane Dunnewold but Lisa certainly makes it her own and shows several different ways of using it.

There are some other interesting posts that if I had the energy I would link to but I don't.  Today I finally made it not only all the way through the work day but attended my print class for the first time tonight.  Thank goodness for a wonderful husband who cooked me dinner when I got home! And now I am off to bed.

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  1. Thanks for doing this even though you have been not feeling well! Take care of yourself.


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