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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Links to some of my inspiration for the week

I thought I would give some links  that I have given me some inspiration this week.

Judi Hewett at Approachable Art showed off another of her flour paste resist fabrics.  This one is very nice!  Judi does a great job of telling you the technique, the steps, and the problems she encounters.  You might want to check out the spectacular piece from last week too.  She  hopes it will gain her entry into a juried show.  I am just waiting for a space so that I can try the technique. Right now the only place big enough is my bed and I don't know where I would sleep for two days while it dried.

Shiborigirl does a good job talking about indigo.  It is a technique I want to try in the future but I think I am still very much of an accidental dyer.  I think I need much more experience under my belt before trying that.

Beth at Sew Sew Art has hooked me up with a Youtube link to pool dyeing.   She and her friend, Rosalita from Stoney Ridge Fiber Art, are getting together this week for a play date trying the method out.  I sure wish I could go!  Beth has found a new place for her website.  It has a couple of good tutorials on it for making your own stamps.

And last, and please don't think this is a paid commercial, I love getting my Quilting Daily email.  Sometimes it is just an ad to buy their magazines but often it has really good tips. Today's article was "Fabric Painting Tips from a Pro."  It briefly talked about the techniques used by Judy Coates Perez.  The Quilting Daily email is free. Check it out!

Well, there have been more but my lunch break is over.  Go explore!

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